topology libraries manager module.

This module finds out which topology communication libraries plugins are installed and returns them in a dictionary.


  • libraries(): List all available communication libraries.

List all available communication libraries.

This function list all communication libraries it can discover looking up the entry point. This lookup requires to load all available communication libraries plugins, which can be costly or error prone if a plugin misbehave, and because of this a cache is stored after the first call.

Parameters:cache (bool) – If True return the cached result. If False force reload of all communication libraries registered for the entry point.
Return type:dict
Returns:A dictionary associating the name of the communication library and it functions or classes:
    'comm1': [function_a, function_b],
    'my_lib': [my_function_a, another_function]


  • LibsProxy: Proxy object to call communication libraries.
class topology.libraries.manager.LibsProxy(enode)

Proxy object to call communication libraries.

This proxy object is expected to be used by an engine node to add support for communication libraries.

Parameters:enode (topology.platforms.node.BaseNode) – The engine node to communicate with.


Inheritance diagram of LibsProxy