Developer Guide

Setup Development Environment

  1. Install pip3 and tox:

    sudo python3
    sudo pip3 install tox
  2. Install Graphviz for topology auto-plotting:

    sudo apt-get install graphviz
  3. Configure git pre-commit hook:

    sudo pip3 install flake8 pep8-naming
    flake8 --install-hook
    git config flake8.strict true

Building Documentation

tox -e doc

Output will be available at .tox/doc/tmp/html. It is recommended to install the webdev package:

sudo pip3 install webdev

So a development web server can serve any location like this:

$ webdev .tox/doc/tmp/html

Running Test Suite

tox -e py27,py34

Running Coverage

tox -e coverage
webdev .tox/coverage/tmp/htmlcov/